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Rajeev Wind


Rajeev Wind

Design Counsultant

Rajeev V. K. was born in Idukki in Kerala 1978. Having grown up next to the beautiful Neriamangalam and in close proximity to the place where the finest bamboo and reed grows, his love of the handicraft grew tremendously.

Rajeev has always been fascinated by bamboo craft and how humanity is benefitted by the innovative craft designs. Naturally, he was drawn to art and craft. The interest was cultivated during his childhood days and further developed when he opted to take the human centric product designing with sustainable and eco friendly aspects.

After learning about the bamboo, Rajeev delved even more into the bamboo craft practice,which involved innovation and design thinking. The 19+ years of experience and skillful dedication produced amazing bamboo crafts. Another expertise of Rajeev, Working as Freelance Artist. His metal arts received recognition from national and international artists and art loving communities.

Rajeev is associated with Fibrent as Product Design Consultant. Designer-master craftsman and Master Trainer Associating with National Institute of Design (NID), State Bamboo mission (KSBM), Kerala Forest Research Institute (KFRI)

Other Experiences :

Certified Bamboo craft trainer ( From BCDI -Tripura) Empanelled Master craftsman by the Handicraft Development Commissioner office, Ministry of Textile ( Chennai- Region) Mastercraft trainer associating with National Institute of Design (NID), State Bamboo mission (KSBM), Kerala Forest Research Institute (KFRI)

Awards and Honours

Won 2021 IICD special mention award for innovative designs in craft.
Imparted as speaker in 2022 March ( 3,4) NIRDPR Hyderabad National Conference - "Dissemination of innovations in bamboo sector for rural economy development."
Imparted as speaker on skill development-session in National Bamboo Mission conference February 2021
Imparted as master craftsman for international open Elective Bamboo workshop 2019, 2020 at National institute of Design Bengaluru Imparted as speaker ( hands on creativity) in' 2020 Taiwan - India global tech forum on international bamboo day festival
Included in the jury panel for International bamboo designs 2020 (TIGBTF-3) Mentioned by International Bamboo organisation (INBAR)

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